Thursday, April 14, 2011

I felt like I should write a post..

Oh American Idol, you just broke my heart :(  I love Paul McDonald! I clicked "write new post", the results were being read on my tv.

Anyway....sorry for my absence as of late. I have been soooooooo busy! My bridal shower is on Saturday and I have been doing so many final details for that.  And I have been managing to not check my registries at all to see what people have been buying me!

I have no new pictures...I'm sorry! But our couch/ottoman/chair are amazing! They got delivered on Saturday morning...way too early! Why have all of our deliveries been at the earliest part of the delivery window? Seriously if you tell me 8:15-11:15, you don't need to show up at 8:15 on the dot! Anyway, so on Saturday night, we went to a bonfire at a friend's house, and I had a little (lot) to drink.  When we got home, we started watching tv and I fell immediately asleep on the couch, and apparently refused to get up! So the first night the couch was in our house, it got slept on :) It was soooo comfy!

I promise I will get some pictures of it this weekend! We are still trying to figure out the layout and how we want the room to look.  And surprise surprise, we still don't have any blinds!

On another note, I added two new blogs tonight.....geeeez these blogs are EXPLODING! It's getting really hard to keep caught up if I don't check it every day! I am going to fall severely behind this weekend, so I apologize in advance for not commenting on anyone's posts!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

I've been on spring break this week.  I would love to tell you that I have accomplished a ton of things at the  house, including blinds, painting, other decorating...etc.  But, I haven't.  I have been staying up late, sleeping in, and handling stuff for the wedding. I did buy all of the votives and floating candles for our wedding, as well as the program paper for the ceremony..Michael's has some pretty good coupons on their website right now if anyone is interested.  I used the 30% off entire candle purchase as well as 40% off wedding items.

Just a note about our washer/dryer: The frontloading model that we got (Samsung) is completely perfect for the second floor laundry.  It has a "Vibration Reduction" technology and it really is problems with the house vibrating yet.

I have been working on the slideshow for our wedding all week.  We are going to have pictures of Gary growing up/with family, then pictures of me growing up/with family, then pictures of us with friends, then pictures of us together.  I am completely stuck on song ideas for my part of growing up pictures! I don't want it to be sappy, I don't like country, and I want it to be fun.  Gary's song is going to be Queen-Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. Does anyone have any suggestions for what my song should be?????? I've been going crazy listening to song after song trying to figure this out.  I will take ANY suggestions! It just needs to be something upbeat and fun, about a girl :)

I will post again after Saturday when our furniture gets delivered! I'm so excited to finally have something other than an air mattress in our living room!