Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am full of frustrations lately, so this is a venting session :)

First off, since it's the point of the blog, I'll start with the house.  We did finally have our "30-day" walkthrough last week, after 2 months of living here.  I couldn't take off of work so Gary was here to handle things.  We really didn't have many problems to address, just a couple of odds and ends that had been noted at the pre-settlement walkthrough but hadn't been attended to yet.  The only big issue that I had involved the bathtubs.  A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling well and I needed to relax, so I decided to use our bathtub (oversized garden tub) for the first time.  I grabbed a book, some bath bubbles, a candle, and a glass of wine and settled in for a nice long, hot, bath.  Well, it wasn't exactly what I expected. The water slowly drained out of the tub until I was left sitting in just an inch of water.  And this was after only about 30 minutes.  So I then tested out the other bathtub (standard size) and the same thing happened! Well, when Gary mentioned this to the PM and workers at the walkthrough, I guess they misunderstood what he was saying because they said it was fine and didn't do anything to fix it! After I lashed out at Gary, he called the PM back and explained exactly what the problem was, and they're supposedly ordering a part.  But since this happened with BOTH bathtubs, I would advise everyone to check your tubs and make sure they hold water!

The other house thing is the exterior stuff.  Up until less than 2 weeks ago, they hadn't even backfilled the dirt up to our house.  So they decided last Wednesday that they would bring a backhoe over and dump a bunch of debris and rock-filled dirt everywhere, smooth some of it up to the house, and then leave the rest of it in huge mounds all over the yard.  And guess where that dirt still sits? On top of that, that same day they removed all of the small rocks from the driveway and taped the driveway off, telling us that they would be pouring it in the next few days. Now I watch the news and I knew what the forecast looked like..rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, I thought they were crazy.  So now we have a muddy, mounded dirt-yard and our driveway is unusable.  But, the kicker is that the neighbors across the street (who moved in a week after us) and the house two doors down (who closed this week) got their driveways poured on Friday! WTF? I just don't understand why our house is being completely neglected.  Of course it was gorgeous yesterday and today, and supposedly it may not rain tomorrow...but the rest of the week calls for rain! I swear if I have to go another week parking in the street and nearly twisting my ankle every time I try to reach the garage, I am going to have a freakout.  At least our neighbors are nice...we met the new couple today and they're pretty young also and have two little kids.  I think our street is going to be pretty fun :)

Gary and I decided to be productive today and we went to Lowe's and bought one set of faux wood blinds.  We wanted to make sure he would be able to put them up before we bought all of them! So we went home and we were so excited to actually hang blinds...we opened the box and none of the hardware that was supposed to be in there was there! Ughhhhh so now we have to take those back tomorrow.  Just a minor thing but frustrating! Also all day today our cell phones have not been working around our house.  When we got about 2 miles away we could get a signal but not here.  Again, frustrating.

As for wedding venting...if I have another bridesmaid-related problem I'm cuttting out the bridesmaids! (just kidding in case any of you are reading this!).  First it was the dresses (previous post).  Yesterday, I went to pick up their shoes from Payless.  They were the dyeables shoes, and they were supposed to be the perfect cream/tan color that I wanted.  Well, in the store they looked great...perfect..then I got them home and in natural lighting they are purple! No mistaking it, they are purple.  I went back to Payless and was told I have to talk to the manager, who isn't in until Tuesday.  I have no idea what I'm going to do if they can't be fixed.

Now finally, good things! Work has been super busy, but luckily we only have 4 days this week and 3 days next week and then school is over! Unfortunately, I have a LOT of paperwork to do before that time..which is why I'm writing a post right now (procastinating!).  My bachelorette party is this Saturday so at least that's something fun to look forward to.  After that, it's more wedding planning and details.  It will be here so soon!


  1. Oh is hard to believe you don't have a driveway yet and that you have no lawn. Our sales rep made it sound like they jump thru hoops dragging sprinklers all over the place to get the lawns going BEFORE you move in.

    And yes, I would be pissed about the tubs...but certainly not at hubby...Gary, I got your back dude!!!

    Good Luck with the wedding...don't sweat the small stuff(like the shoes)...enjoy the moment and remember, it's all about the two of you and no one else...and if the shoes are purple, so be it...after the ceremony you and Gary will be husand and wife and it won't matter what color the shoes are...when you are married 28+ years like my wife and I, you won't remember what color the shoes were, the dresses, the flowers, or anything like that, but you will remember the momment you both said "I do"...relax and enjoy!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip about making sure they hold enough water. It would suck sitting in tub for like 30 mins and water slowly drains out. I am a big tub person and requires baths on a regular basis.

    As for the driveway and lawn how very frustrating. Call your PM and inquire when it will be in and point out that your neighbor has them even after you already own your home.

    As for the wedding I know you want everything to be perfect but at least expect one thing to go wrong. I remember at the wedding reception all the tablecloths were supposed to be liliac but the company showed up and decorated it white. I wasn't happy but it was my wedding day and the show had to go on. During the weding my hubby was so nervous he put the ring on the wrong finger and here I am up in altar trying to fix it lol. At the time I wasn't amused but afterwards even know we laugh about it and yes people did notice in audience lol. Your wedding wil be beautiful :)

  3. I agree with BD! Igot married when I was 28 weeks pregnant with twins...let's just say I didn't like my dress, hair, or anything! LOL, but I remember having a wonderful day! This year will be our 10 year the end ALL that matters is you 2 being in love, don't pysch yourself out over the little things :) and the house!! I feel your pain! I have been having the me problems with feeling the neglect... I had groundbreaking first nd watched 2 other houses being built before me! Not fair! I don't understand it either! I wish you all the luck in the world with your wedding and your house :) !! I hate all this rain too!

  4. The wedding stuff makes for great memories .... trust me. My mom had a $300 dress. She went to the kitchen to help out and spilled meatballs all down it!! Yup! True story!!

    It's the quirks you remember most. And later, they'll make you smile. Promise. =)

    As for the house....The tub thing is very concerning. I'll be checking that at pre-settlement if they let me (pour some water in the tubs and plug them before we get going and check on them after the meeting). Thanks for the heads up!

    And as for the driveway, I, personally, would contact both my Rep and my PM and ask why everyone else has one but me when I purchased my home before some of them. You know? Have you got your survey's yet?

    The driveway thing scares me. I see people on here waiting for their drives to be poured a lot. Mine is NOT poured yet. If you have a front entry garage, they seem to pour it when they do the foundation here. But I have a side entry, on a corner lot. And the road on the corner doesn't go past 1/2 my lot....yet. It is scheduled to be part of phase 2 I think, and eventually will extend down past my house. So right now btwn my house and the house on the other corner is mainly dirt and a whole lot of construction supplies. I hope they pour it before closing.

    Please keep us posted on how everything goes!! GL!! And have fun at your party!

  5. Wedding stress is the worst - we've been married almost 9 years and have never fought as much as we did the three weeks prior to our wedding. I'll admit now that it was mostly my fault because I was so stressed!!

    The driveway thing is frustrating but it's not uncommon. On our first Ryan Home we closed in May and our neighbors who closed in December had their driveway poured a week after ours. If the weather permits it, they have to put the driveway in before closing. If you close during the winter when they cannot pour the concrete then they get to you whenever they can squeeze you into the schedule.