Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sorry for my absence!

Wow I have been absent for awhile! I have been extremely busy with wedding stuff....writing 80 thank you notes for the bridal shower, getting addresses, addressing and mailing invitations, booking the honeymoon, finalizing song lists, alterations appointments, shoe never ends! I have a few things to write about:

Bridal Shower
My shower was amazing! So many generous people...not a single hitch! Instead of writing a novel about it, I'll just share with pictures...
Opening gifts

Bridesmaids: Erin, Christina, Amanda, ME, Stephanie (sister-Maid of Honor), Kristina (sister), and Amy 

My ribbon bouquet! Nice work Amanda and Christina!

The only thing in this room pre-shower was the chair in the corner

Part of the gift from my sisters...a breakfast tray :) 

We are still trying to get organized from the shower.  The kitchen seems much smaller now than it used to! 

Dress Fittings
What a bunch of drama.  Everything is fine with my dress, in fact I had my first fitting last week and it doesn't even need to be hemmed! It fits perfectly and I am soooo happy with it! The drama has been with my bridesmaids dresses...they are huge! So when we met with the alterations lady at the salon, she was a complete bitch and was basically telling me that they couldn't be altered the way I wanted them.  I wasn't asking her to recreate the dress, I was simply asking for them to look how they're supposed to look! Anyway...long story short I could only put up with her attitude for about 30 minutes...and then I had a breakdown.  Yep I had a bridezilla moment and yelled and cried in the middle of the salon :) At the time we left, there was no resolution and the woman was still being a bitch.  Tomorrow we have an appointment with another alterations woman from the salon and she thinks she has a solution that will please me. But if not, we are just going to have them altered elsewhere. 

The house
I realized that I never posted any pics of the furniture.  Nothing else has changed inside the house at all....still white walls and no blinds :) I think our neighbors are enjoying seeing what we are watching on tv and watching me kick butt at rock band!

We still haven't found coffee table/end tables that we like, so the ottoman just kinda moves around between the two pieces

View from the kitchen

We still haven't met with our PM for our "30 day" walkthrough.  It's now been 2 months since we've closed. I talked to our neighbor yesterday and he hasn't had his meeting yet either.  We don't have any urgent issues, but seems like we should have met already!

The wedding is now less than 6 weeks away and boy is the to-do list getting large! I have appointments tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday....and appointments next week...too much to do! I just can't wait until June 2nd when school is over for the summer and I can finally have some time to get things done!


  1. Love the pictures! You are going to be a gorgeous bride!!

    I love the gift your sisters got you! Very thoughtful and beautiful!

    Good luck putting all those gifts away! lol

    I also just love your furniture!! =)

    I'd call your PM and leave a message. And if that doesn't work, call your Rep.

    GL!!! And once again, Congrats on the home and wedding!

  2. I'd call your sales rep and bitch about the PM not doing the 30 day when he was supposed to...if not your sales rep then Ryan Homes themselves....the 30 day meeting is part of the process and an unhappy customer does not make for positive press...I know you have been busy, but don't let them off the hook!!!

  3. I know you enjoyed your shower, that was one of the events that helped me to relax when I was about to get married. Everything seemed so hectic until then! I really like your breakfast tray! It's really cute! I agree with BD to follow up with Ryan about your 30 days! We can't let them slip up and start thinking that its okay to provide sub par customer service. Enjoy your pre-wedding and wedding festivities! :)