Monday, February 14, 2011

Cabinets, countertops, and more...

Just got back from the house---they were busy today!

flooring-this picture was taken Friday but I haven't had a chance to post 




master bath 

Just a few notes:  

1) I thought I would be disappointed with the "standard" vanities in the bathrooms.  While they are not my first choice, I think they're manageable.  Definitely not on the list of immediate projects.  

2) All of our doors were hung.  They are more like an off-white than a they get painted? They looked funny.  I guess I just assumed they would be ready to go before they were hung..?

3) I am VERY disappointed in the kitchen sink.  I know I have read the same in a few blogs, but I didn't remember there being an option to upgrade the depth of the sink.  That will definitely need to be quickly replaced.....sooo shallow! 

4) While we would have loved to get the granite countertops, we didn't because of money.  However I REALLY like the laminate that we got--butterum granite.  I know some of the other bloggers have the same and I've seen all of your pics, but it was so much more reassuring to see them in person! 

5) In a previous post I mentioned the knobs for the cabinets.  After looking at them today, we decided we are going to have the knobs installed.  I really do like them and I think they just add a little bit more character to the cabinets. 

We are now down to 21 days until close! (Wow actually counting that in my head gave me a little bit of butterflies in my is so soon!!)


  1. Wow! I feel like your house went up so fast. Everything looks great! I love the color of your kitchen cabinets. Your floor is very similar to ours. While I would to have hardwood, the vinyl is fine for now. Also, the butterrum countertops look great! Quite a popular choice! I'm glad you liked it as much in person as you did in the pictures.
    As far as the doors go, ours were painted white before they were hung. I wonder why they didn't do that to yours. The next 3 weeks will fly by!

  2. Everything looks good!!! 21 days!!! Gosh thats soooo exciting..I feel like ours is kind of dragging!!! :(

  3. Looks great! Especially love the cabinets. We have very similar selections... our floorplan is flipped though.

  4. Everything looks great. Congrats on building and your upcoming wedding :) We're in Green, just south of Akron.

  5. Congrats on the house and wedding! We made the same decisions in getting the standard vanities in the 2nd bathroom and laminate counter tops in the kitchen with the same intention of replacing them later. Good to know about the shallow sink though.