Sunday, February 27, 2011

A week from tomorrow!

What a day! We went to our house today to see how things look and it was sooo much different than when we were there last week! Carpet has been installed, appliances installed, all fixtures, pantry/laundry room/closet shelving, all lights now work, all light switches/electric  Besides a thorough cleaning and some touch-ups, the inside is ready to be lived in! 


LOVE this sink!

master bath

lights in master bath

laundry room

upstairs hallway bathroom

hallway from bathroom

They put our porch posts up this week as well.  Still need to be painted white and not sure what happens with the wood

After we left the house, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to start our wedding registry.  OH MY GOD. We left after more than 2 hours and put very little onto our registry! TOO many decisions to be made! We did decide on our dining ware, flatware, and a few other big things.  The very first (and most important) item was a Keurig! I've been waiting for one of those! :) Also we somehow agreed on decorating for the master bath and the upstairs bath, and we registered for all the accessories and bath towels for each.  We are going to need to go back at least 2 more times to get it finalized....also I want to register for some things at Kohl's as well, and I'm hoping that they have a comforter set there that we both can agree on.  I think the decision making would be much easier if I could just pick everything out by we seriously went back and forth for 10 minutes over cutting boards: 

me- "Which one do you like better?"
him- "I don't know, which one do you like better?"
me-"I don't know either. I like all three of these."
him-"I like those, and I like these over here."
and so on, and so on.

Really? A CUTTING BOARD gives us that much trouble!?? End of story, we didn't register yet for any cutting boards. :) 


  1. The two of you trying to register are soo funny! LOL The house looks great and we are also building a sienna but aren't nearly as far along, question how did you get the front porch on yours? What elevation did you choose?

  2. haha thanks. We have elevation B, but the porch is not standard. The front porch was something that the city made Ryan add. Basically, the city didn't like the way the houses looked in the first phase of the development without the porch. So Ryan designed this porch. Between the time of us beginning to look and signing the contract, they changed the porch to basically just a covered stoop, but we fought to get this one because we loved it!

  3. Everything looks great. I remembered when we registered. The power of that little gun. We didn't get a lot of our china for the wedding so every anniversary we buy at least one set.

  4. Congrats on the home and the wedding! The kitchen looks great. So does the front porch. Love it. =)

  5. I LOVE THE PORCH!!! I'm so jealous of it. Everything looks fantastic. I love your stainless appliances! Wow! I'm also jealous of your nice brushed nickel faucets. I'm hoping to start replacing those in the next few weeks. I love all of the shelves in your laundry room!
    You and your fiance are a lot like my husband and me! Our registration was very similiar! Last week when we were out we were trying to agree on a rug for the entry. Two stores rug. Enjoy it though. Registering is so much fun. I want to do it again now that we have the house.
    I'm so excited for your closing. So happy for you!

  6. Im not sure if my comment worked or not. Congrats on the wedding & on your new home! Love the kitchen & porch.

  7. Looking good! The porch is cute. I love the pedestal sink too! We really did take the same pictures, didn't we. How funny. Good luck registering, sounds like you need to find a personal shopper!

  8. funny about the cutting board! My husband and I do the same thing; It is a painful just to come to a consensus.

    The house looks great. Your kitchen is really pretty.

    I'm with you on the count down...ONE WEEK!

  9. the cutting board story. When we refinished the kitchen in our current house it took us 4 weekends to find a faucet for the sink...guess wife doesn't like either of the options for the sink in the Avalon (I don't either) so here we go again!!!

  10. The house looks great, I love the porch, good luck with the registry sounds like fun

  11. So exciting your house is almost done! The porch looks great, it will be nice to see the completely finished front of the house. I'm sure my fiance and I will go through the same thing when we register and start shopping for things for the house.