Sunday, February 20, 2011


It just took me about 25 minutes to read all the posts that I have missed over the weekend! Geez :)

We had an eventful weekend for house things! On Saturday, we met my parents, Gary's parents, and my aunt and uncle from out of town at the house.  We had spoken with our PM about this on Thursday and he assured us that we would still be able to get in through the garage door for the next week.  Well, as luck would have it he was wrong.  We ended up having to abandon our guests for about 30 minutes and drive to the model in a neighboring town to pick up our key. Annoying...but both the PM and the sales rep were apologetic and accommodating.

So while we were there giving everyone the tour, we measured for blinds and measured the space where the refrigerator goes.  We then went to Lowe's for their sale and picked out our refrigerator! Gary's parents had offered to buy this for us as a wedding present, so it was really nice to not have to worry about that cost.  I really love the one we picked out!

Today we went to Wayside Furniture to take advantage of their "Presidents Day Sale".  Advertising very misleading....only a small portion of the items were on sale.  But, we did find a sofa, oversized chair, and ottoman that we REALLY like for the great room (not on sale but still decently priced).  Unfortunately, we, like many of you, have a problem with making decisions and we could not commit.  Hopefully we can make a decision about that soon!

After the confusion with the keys on Saturday, our PM called us to apologize for the door being locked.  During the conversation Gary mentioned a few small things that we had noticed (crooked cabinet doors, gouges in one of the cabinets, some irregularities in the ceiling, a saw-blade slit in part of the drywall).  The PM said he would like to do a "pre-pre-settlement walkthrough" a week from tomorrow.  Basically, the carpet, fixtures, odds and ends will be done this week, he will correct everything that he notices, and then he would like to meet with us to go over anything that we see.  That way when we have our pre-settlement walkthrough hopefully everything will already be corrected and we can focus on all the other stuff rather than pointing out things that are wrong.  I was happy about this.  Hopefully there won't be too many other things that need to be corrected!

Happy Day off to everyone who gets to stay home tomorrow! We all deserve it :) 


  1. Congrats on getting the fridge. I've given up on furniture "sales." It's just all lies, lol. Yay for pre-settlement. What kind of blinds are you going to get?

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend! We also did a pre-pre-settlement and our PM was very grateful that he had a heads up on things early. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some shopping done.

  3. 2011-we spent so much time looking at refrigerators that we didn't even look at blinds at all. I have absolutely no idea what I want. I've looked at some online but it's so hard to tell from a small picture. I plan to head out and look at some blinds and other things this week to get some ideas!

  4. Since you live somewhat in the area, maybe you'd like to look for some furniture at Magalens Furniture in North Royalton. My family has gotten their furniture there for generations. We got our furniture there 15 years ago when we first were married and then replaced and bought new last year for the new house. And - they offer FREE shipping.

  5. Thanks Amy! I just looked them up. North Royalton is not far at all, hopefully we can go check them out next weekend!