Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding stuff, and a picture of the mudroom

FirstTimeBuilder had asked for a picture of how the bench fits in the mudroom.  I am at my parents' house so I had Gary text me a pic...please excuse the stark whiteness of the walls! There's been a lot of discussion going around about painting on here....we are not going to wait for the 10-month to paint, but we aren't doing it anytime soon. We just have too much else to focus on right now! Anyway...
It fits perfectly on that little wall.  And then we are going to get probably some kind of coat rack or something for the corner (where that shoe is)

We have had a lot happen this week! On Tuesday we went to Best Buy, ordered the washer/dryer (thanks Mom and Dad!) and bought the television/tv stand (thanks partially to Gary's grandparents!) Of course Gary insisted that since the tv was in stock, he HAD to make it fit in his car and had to take it right then. So we did---tight squeeze in the SUV but we made it home! It only took us an hour to put the tv stand together, and about 10 minutes to get the tv all hooked up.  Why people pay $200 to have Best Buy do that stuff for them is beyond me.  

This was actually much easier to put together than the bench! Gary did not like it in the store and was afraid that the tv would sit down too low, but I convinced him otherwise...and now he loves it! 

Yesterday, I had a hair appointment and figured things out for the wedding day. I have had it in my hairdresser's book for the past year, but we actually discussed details now, such as time, number of girls coming, makeup, etc.  Before I left, I made my next appointment---last one before the wedding, and the one where we will practice styles! Wow that made it seem incredibly real that our wedding is less than 3 months away! 

Today after work I met my mom at the florist and we played around with centerpieces.  Now as I'm sure a lot of you ladies would agree, I would LOVE to have nice big floral centerpieces. But it's just not in the budget, and not worth the money.  So this whole time I've pretty much decided that we would do some sort of flower/floating candle thing.  We bought some candles, some rocks, and other decorative things a few weeks ago to take today...and here is what we came up with:

half of the tables will have floating pink lillies with floating candles and green sea glass on the bottom (not very much sea glass in this bowl, but you get the idea)

And then the other half of the tables will have submerged pink hydrangeas (she only had a green one available at the shop so use your imagination), with floating candles.  Not sure if we will keep the sea glass in these as well.

And then around those there will be 5-6 votives.  Still need to figure out about mirrors for underneath them..the florist does not supply those so we need to check to see how much we can rent them for from the venue. After that we went to the cake shop and went through books and books of wedding cakes. I think I have an idea what I want it to look like but still need to look some more.  

Oh and Levin called to schedule our delivery for our couch, chair, and ottoman! Next Saturday :) 


  1. The bench looks great!

    Men are to Best Buy what Kids are to Toys R Us. LOL

    I love those center pieces. =) My hubby and I had to pay for our own wedding and had to cut costs EVERYWHERE.

    We had black table cloths with a big white cloth napkin unfolded to a diamond shape in the middle of the tables (our colors were black and white.
    On the white linen cloth we had a mirror. On the mirror different size glass votives. It actually was pretty. And I got the votives from family and friends and used my own. SUPER CHEAP!! lol

    I think the center pieces you have up here are beautiful!!!

  2. I love the centerpieces sweetie....You have so much going on right now...I couldnt imagine doing all of this stuff right now!! :) Your mudroom must be different from mine...I thought we would be able to put in an entryway bench thing with the mirror on it but i will have to go a different route because of the way the door opens.. :) RATS!!! Looks good tho Alissa!!

  3. Looking good! It's so nice that you can focus on the wedding a bit more.
    We also decided not to do flowers for our center pieces. Like you we did floating candles and rose petals. I really like those square glass containers. Are you buying those? I think I have about 20 round glass bowls I'd be happy to let you borrow if you don't want to spend the money. They are a pretty decent size. I could take pictures if you're interested. They're just sitting in my basement.

  4. Thanks for the pic, I was wondering where it was gonna fit.

  5. I cannot imagine planning a wedding with the house building at the same time! How do you do it?

    The centerpieces are beautiful and I love them....

  6. The centerpieces are beautiful, You are doing a wonderful job

  7. Thanks for the offer km! We are actually renting them from the florist, who is also my neighbor and is giving us a really good deal for them. Plus if we use their stuff they go set it up for us the day of the wedding which is one less thing for me to worry about! Thanks everyone, I am happy that they turned out nice!