Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend updates

Well, we officially made it through our first weekend in our new home! As I had said in a previous post, the plan has always been that Gary would move in now and I would wait until June but would stay with him on the weekends as we have always done.  Surprisingly, it isn't as hard as I thought it would be to not want to move in with him right just seems so overwhelming there! We spent all day today unpacking things that had been in storage for the past couple years...and I found that I had no idea where to put things.  I moved dishes around a lot and actually packed some things back up because I just didn't know where to put them! I'm imagining that over time things will just fall into place...but I'm used to being at my parents' house, where there is, and always has been, a clear-cut spot for everything!

Our refrigerator was delivered on Saturday morning (way too early, I might add)! At one point in the day, between family/friends visiting, Gary and I were laying in the living room and we heard the first few pieces of ice fall from the icemaker....we both became way too excited to hear the ice and realized that we will have some different joys as homeowners than what we used to have! 

We slept on the "blanket bed" Friday and Saturday night...Gary moved his bed in today so thank god next weekend maybe I'll feel a little better--my body is sore from sleeping on the floor! We keep finding little things that are irritating.  Nothing that requires a lot of time or energy to correct, but just irritating!

-light over the sink burnt out 2 hours after I got the keys on Monday.  When Gary tried to unscrew it to replace it, the bulb broke and he couldn't get it out.  Had to use pliers. 
-light in the powder room burnt out on Saturday.
-our yard is filled with trash and debris.  Gross. 
-THE DRIVEWAY.  I still can't pull into it. Gary can in his SUV but it takes a ton of effort and I'm afraid he's going to gas it and go through the garage wall.  I tried to use a snow shovel to even out the gravel but no luck.
-pieces of blue tape from our pre-settlement walkthrough are still there....probably 7-8 things that were marked but not corrected.
-a few spots on the walls that need touched up.
-they didn't paint under the window ledges.  You notice these things when you sleep on the floor against the wall. 
-Water runs down an area by the front porch that we don't think it should run down. My sister's fiance says we need flashing there to prevent that. 
-a large gash on the inside of one of the cabinets

That's all I can think of right now.  Again, mostly just irritating things, especially the lightbulbs...I should be able to expect them to last more than just 5 days, let alone 2 hours!

Guardian comes tomorrow to activate the alarm system, and our table is delivered on Tuesday morning! 


  1. I know its irritating, but thanks for posting about the light bulbs. Were they normal light bulbs or CFLs? Everything is CFL in our current home and I didn't think about adding them to the day 1 list.

  2. Wow I agree it is IRRITATING! Like 2011 said what kind of lights and what kind of amps do you have 150 or 200? I would not like it if the lights go out on me especially in a new home! Keep us updated. =)

  3. Alissa that is soooo sweet!!! I cant wait to move in our home...That is really weird about the lights my dear...We still have to order a dining room set...cheesenrice!!

  4. You know, I really have no idea about the amps...I guess that's something that I should know! But the lightbulbs were just regular bulbs, I think like 60 watt. But they looked really crappy when he pulled them out...for all I know, they had been used before. I don't think it's a problem with the electric at all, I think the quality of the bulbs was just really bad. On a better note, they fixed the driveway today and I think I can pull in now!

  5. Isn't it amazing the things that we find exciting as we "grow up?" I remember saying to myself "what am I thinking?" one day as I was excited over a new vacuum purchase! :) I hope your little flaws have all been cleared up in your house!