Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beginning our Build..

Our house-hunting process seriously began in September, with 8 months until our wedding.  In mid-October, we took a drive to the Ryan Homes model to "stop by and look around".  That quick walk-in turned out to be a 2-hour meeting where we began to look at prices, options, and lots.  After several weeks of talking, late-night discussions, arguing, and debating, we decided we were finally ready on November 17.  Since then:

November 20-signed purchase agreement
November 24-met with NVR mortgage rep
December 1-had flooring consultation meeting

We are building a Sienna and we have been OVERWHELMED with the options, choices, etc.  We've both lived in multiple apartments and both of us moved back to our parent's houses within the last two years to save money and prepare for this wedding/home-buying thing.  So, neither of us know a damn thing about houses, cabinets, carpets, lighting, countertops, or any of those other wonderful things that come along with building a house.  Hopefully we're making good decisions!

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