Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Official :)

Yes! So I ended up calling NVR on Friday because I couldn't bear to think of going through the whole weekend again without knowing.  Our NVR rep said "Oh, she didn't call you yet?" WTF??? Apparently someone was supposed to have called us some time ago to tell us we were approved! Anyway, so I had no time to be angry because I was super excited! We went on Saturday and took our pictures with our 'SOLD' sign, that made it even more official! Today, we stopped over at my grandparents' house to tell them (they had given me a large gift of money several years ago and this was put towards the down payment, so they needed to be one of the first to know).  Then we went to my other grandparents' house for our Christmas celebration there. We were trying to think of a fun way to tell everyone but Gary just ended up putting the picture of us with our sold sign on my grandma's picture display in the dining room.  My sister saw it first--after about 25 minutes--she turned and gave me a "What??" kind of look.  And then we were able to tell everyone. So finally, no more secrets! :) Ground-breaking is scheduled to begin on December 29th!

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