Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Sales Rep?

So we got a call from our sales rep today.  Apparently she got let go yesterday....we will be finishing our process with another sales rep who we have met just briefly in the office.  Our sales rep has been our go-to-person this entire time and I'm a bit nervous about switching now.  She's been the trusting person from the day we walked into the model, and she's been the one giving us all the information and doing everything with us.  What if something goes wrong now? What if something that she had approved can now be "unapproved"? For example, in the time between first viewing the homes to signing the contract, they changed the front porch design that was offered in our neighborhood.  We liked the old porch better, and she approved us to get the old porch instead of the new one.  This is in our contract, so I suppose that affords us a little bit of security...but it still makes me nervous.

She did call from her personal cell, and told me to call her at any time if we have any questions or any problems that we need her help for.  Apparently she got let go for not meeting her quotas...hopefully that's the only reason! Regardless, the whole situation just makes me a little bit more nervous today!

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