Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing the waiting game

Well, everything is good to go...Just waiting on that phone call from NVR mortgage that tells us it's official.  We had our flooring meeting last Wednesday and then our final options/colors meeting on Saturday.  Gary and I had a little bit of trouble coming to agreements on the laminate flooring that will be in the kitchen, bathrooms, morning room, and laundry room.  He eventually gave in to me....that is one of the reasons why I love him! I did let him pick the fireplace though, so I'm not completely a decision hog! We also compromised on our outdoor paint colors, unfortunately with our compromise, the color schemes that they have dictated that we have to do white trim and garage door, and I really wanted cream.  Oh well...I'm sure it will be great! Our siding will be a tan color, with dark brown shutters/front door.  We have our meeting with the Guardian rep scheduled for next Wednesday, and our pre-construction meeting with the project manager next Thursday! Crossing my fingers that we hear from NVR by then so we can actually start TELLING people about this!

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