Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Purchase...

We made our first purchase for the house today....three 10-foot 1 1/2 inch PVC pipes, 2 couplers, and 2 caps to make a conduit! Not exactly the home decor purchases that we would like to have bought but definitely something useful (and only $18). The conduit will run from basement to attic in case we want to install anything (cable, phone lines, surround sound) at a later date...just makes it easier to get the wires through the walls and into the various rooms.  Of course, this is totally against Ryan Homes rules and *our PM does not know about it* (wink wink).  Do not repeat what you read in this blog! :)

Our drywall has been delivered and they are ready to start the install tomorrow! Our siding is supposed to be started tomorrow as well. I think I will drive by after work and check it out!

(just one of many stacks sitting throughout the house)

In wedding news-the bridal shower location has been decided, now just need to finalize the date.  Gary and I, along with both of our moms, went to a cake tasting on Saturday and geez....there went my low-carb diet! I really do not even enjoy cake, and I couldn't care less about what kind of cake we have for the wedding...I just want to choose the way it looks! White cake-yellow cake-strawberry filling-rasberry filling-buttercream-chocolate mousse-red velvet-peanut butter-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah I just don't care.  I will eat my obligatory groom-fed slice and I will wash it down with some champagne, and that is all I care about.  So, my mom is now on cake-choosing duty.  Just one less thing I need to do!

Today we stopped into Best Buy to return something and we spent some time in the appliances section.  Picking those things is not going to be easy! I have read in a few blogs (can't remember which ones) that you can't get the front-loading washer/dryers WITH the pedestals if you have a second floor laundry.  Can someone explain that? I'm assuming it's because of the overflow basin but I guess I just don't exactly understand why.

Hope everyone had a great weekend---I know the only thing that gets me through Monday-Friday anymore is looking forward to seeing what's new with the house!


  1. My understanding is that the sides of the overflow basin can block the drawer on the pedestal from opening. We looked at front loaders but read about problems with mildew and odors. We chose the Whirlpool Cabrio series as it is a top loading machine that uses some of the front loader technology such as no center agitator. We are very happy with it.

  2. We bought Samsung front loaders and we have them in our current house before we move. I love them. They are so quiet and energy efficient. We have the pedestals. I asked our PM about it and he said they will be fine in our second floor laundry. They do put a shelf in there, I just asked him not to install it so that our washer and dryer fit. He said they would just cut the shelf and leave it in the laundry room so we can install it if and when we want to.

  3. Its what Duane said girl...The basin for the washer will not allow you to open the pedestal drawer ....Were ordering them regardless because i like the height.. :)

  4. I can't figure out how to send a private message. Lispis do you know how to send me a pm? I want to know more about your project. :-)

  5. Thanks everyone! I do really love the look of them, so maybe we will just do what you did Jen. I'm not all that concerned about the pedestal drawer anyway...

    2011--I don't know how to private message either, but you can email me at

  6. Thanks I just sent you an email