Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Planning

My brain hurts.  I am so obsessed with wedding planning and house stuff that I haven't even watched any of my DVR'd shows for the past two days! I'm feeling anxious just sitting here in my bed thinking about all of the decisions that need to be made. All of the big things for the wedding have been planned for months (church, reception hall, limo, DJ, videographer, photographer, after-ceremony photography site, dress)....but now I'm starting to freak out about all the other, less time-sensitive things that need to be planned.  I have been to two bridal shows and I'm planning to go to another one on Sunday to hopefully get some ideas pinned down.  In the meantime I need to take a break from my laptop for the next few days so I don't keep myself up all night again looking things up! I absolutely hate the fact that I'm a perfectionist and an extreme planner....and I have a very difficult time making decisions.  Throw in the fact that I've gotten 7 confirmed new kids and 5 new possible referrals at work this week and that makes me one very stressed lady! Tomorrow is for sure going to be a wine night---I need to unwind!

On a positive note, we received an email today from our mortgage rep saying that we can lock in our rate.  Of course we have no idea what to do---do we wait and hope rates go back down, or do we lock it now before they raise? "Decisions" should be my middle name.

Quite a bit of snow came down today and I had to work later than normal so I didn't make it to the lot.  Nothing much should have changed anyway as they are just going to be waterproofing.  Our lumber is supposed to arrive a week from today!


  1. You can lock your rate already? I thought you had to be 60 days from closing? Please let me know. Are you using NVR? Thanks!

  2. We are supposed to close on March 3rd so we are at 60 days. Yes we are using NVR we had some good incentives offered if we used them.

  3. I just recently found your blog. You are very brave for planning a wedding AND building a house at the same time! I had to take a year off in between. Congratulations on both fronts! Looking forward to watching the progress of your house.