Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have lumber!

We had a bit of snow this week and I was super busy at work so I didn't get to the lot as much as I wanted to, but I got to go today and found some surprises! 


some of our lumber!

doors and windows!

Gary talked to our PM today and they will start framing tomorrow! By the end of next week I should be able to stop calling it "the lot" and start calling it "the house"!


  1. That's great! It's going to fly now. It was exciting to go from "the lot" to "the house". Now, I'm so looking forward to go from calling it "the house" to "home."

  2. AAAAAAHHHHH I had no idea you had a blog!!!!! Ok im gonna add you to my blog list!!! Where are you building in OH? Im from Akron!!! :)

  3. Ur getting married on my Bday!!! :)Yayyyyyy congratulations!!!!

  4. haha thanks :) We are building in Barberton

  5. Hi! Congratulations! You guys are like 2 days ahead of us in the building process... Cool to see the progress on your blog then see it happen at our site a little later!