Thursday, January 20, 2011

Progress continues---on the house and on the wedding!

Gary went to take pictures yesterday since I had a busy afternoon. He walked around the back of the property so he could get a pic of the back of the house too.  Love it! 

We drove by today after work and our house pretty much looked the same (so no new pics), but the house directly across the street went from being foundation to having two stories.  Now our house won't be so lonely! We are one of the first lots being built on the "new phase" of our development, so there are houses behind us, which you can see in most of my pics, but there are none on either side of us.  I'm glad that we will have some neighbors right around the same time as we move in!

Finally got my other three bridesmaids to go to the bridal salon with me last night and get measured for their dresses.  Here is the dress that they will have: 

I really haven't talked too much about the wedding on here but now it's time to vent! After dinner tonight I was talking with my parents about a bunch of things...well, they were nagging and I was listening.  My mom keeps telling me all the things that I really need to get done...and I keep ignoring her due to being overwhelmed :) I really need to figure out my invitations.  And I need to talk to the guy who is supposed to sing at the church. And I need to talk to the reception hall to figure out if I like their linens or if I have to rent from somewhere.  And I need to make my fiance start looking at tuxes.  And I need to figure out the honeymoon.  And I need to do my "practice" favor to make sure I like the way it turns out--picture below that I found online---cookies in a jar.

We are having a big wedding, which of course complicates everything.  My parents and I were looking at the list tonight and there's really nobody that can be cut without severely hurting feelings and breaking relationships.  Ugh. So as we were looking at the list, my mom and I started coming up with a list for the bridal shower....and I have no idea what we are going to do. As it stands now, there are 85 women on the list, and that doesn't include some of Gary's mom's invites.  And that list is edited as much as it possibly can be....    I don't really want to have two showers, but that might have to happen..85 women just might be too much to handle.  Granted, I know not all of them will actually attend, but most are family/close friends/mom's close friends that I know will be there. 

I don't know what I would do without this blog to vent on! Sometimes it just feels great to get things out of my head and onto "paper"! Funny---that's what I tell my counseling kids to do with their feelings and I've only just begun to do it recently! Thank goodness for inservice day tomorrow---this girl needs a break!


  1. The house looks fantastic! It happend so fast. I LOVE that you're getting a porch. That is one of the things that was on my list of must haves, but it was something I had to sacrifice.

    Your bridesmaids dresses are beautiful! I can totally relate to all of your wedding issues. I give you so much credit for working, planning a wedding, AND building a house at the same time.

  2. congrats on the house things are moving pretty fast. Love the dress!!!!!!!

  3. I want the cookies n a jar!!!!! LOL!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! KM-the city didn't like the way the houses looked without the porches in the first phase of our development so they forced Ryan to include a porch with each house. Right before we signed, Ryan changed the porch to basically just a covered stoop and we fought to get the one that we had initially been told about. Luckily we got it! I've never had a porch in my life so I'm VERY excited about that part of it!

  5. I also built a sienna, wish I was told about the option of a porch add on.......I guess that would be my one complaint is that the salesman/project manager didnt go over all the possible upgrades and options. (You think they would after all they are trying to sell you a house and make money)