Monday, January 3, 2011

More wedding and more house

Happy New Year! It has again been a very busy few days.  On Thursday, my mom and I had a morning meeting with my florist for the wedding, who is also my neighbor.  I really didn't realize I needed to make so many decisions regarding the flowers! My flowers, bridesmaids, moms, grandmas, groomsmen, centerpieces, cake table decorations, altar flowers...geez.  Plus we are likely going to order invitations through them also so I took home two huge sample books to look over.  Decisions decisions decisions! I just want someone to make these decisions for me....for the wedding as well as for decorating the house! After the meeting my mom dropped me off at Gary's and we eventually made it out to the lot.  Unfortunately it was a little bit dark by the time we got going but was able to get a few pictures of our footer.

Friday was New Years Eve, Saturday was the 2nd annual regifting party that I help cohost, and Sunday was a day of complete relaxation for me as I prepared to go back to work :(
Today was exhausting.....a lot of hyper children at school today and I could NOT sleep last night! As soon as school let out Gary and I headed out to the lot and watched the crew work on the foundation for a few minutes!

I plan to drive by after work every day (very very close to my work) to check out the progress! Things are happening so fast :)

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